I got one excellent feed-back on my previous post that I would like to share: there is another surprising reason why buyers are ignoring preparation. Unexpected or not, this is one of the most human possible causes – preparation seems so insipid compared with the “juicy” negotiation itself! Nobody wants to do boring stuff. So we skip this step or we do it mega quickly because we find the juice only in the game on negotiation. Well, trust me on that: you cannot have the good juice if you do not peel off and wash well your fruits before…

The most important thing about preparing a negotiation is, well, doing it!

Like any other professional with years of experience in negotiation, I learned my lessons during the thousands of hours spent with vendors or business partners. Negotiation is a skill: with good training, a good teacher, some key books and, above all, practice you may become a great negotiator. I noticed nevertheless that most of the books and tutorials are focused a lot on strategy and tactics and less on the first phase, preparation.

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